5 Steps To Marie Kondo Your Life For Spring

If you’ve found yourself reading this then it’s safe to say that you also share our desire or compulsive need to clean the heck out of your house. Spring cleaning, to us, is like a detox from our winter selves. Between all the hoarding and hibernating, it’s a great opportunity to say goodbye to the dark season and say hello to a cleaner and brighter version of our homes without all the clutter. So, whether you’re looking for quick ways to tackle your home makeover or seeking a better approach, we have 5 easy steps to perfecting your spring cleaning.

Step 1.     Planning The Big Day

What’s the game plan? Visualise what the perfect home looks like to you. The best way to do this is to create a checklist of all the rooms you’ll be taking care of, the tasks that need to be done and the supplies you’ll need categorise by each room, as well as a date in your diary or calendar. Make sure to block out an entire day so you won’t have any excuses or distractions. 


Step 2.     Declutter Your Life

Whatever doesn’t bring you joy or serves a practical use for you, you will, unfortunately, have to part ways with. Go through each room in the house and start minimising your belongings by separating the things you use from the things you haven’t used within the past couple of months, to the things you can’t even remember the last time you used into different piles. With all the items that you don’t use you can donate them to charity, pass them onto loved ones or try to sell them on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. One man’s trash is another one’s treasure.


Step 3.    Think Green

It’s easy to hoard a crazy amount of cleaning products and chemicals in preparation for your big clean. But consider keeping cleaning products to a minimum as they can also clutter up your cabinets and closets, and harsh chemicals can also affect the environment. Opt for natural DIY solutions like creating your own multi-purpose cleaner using lemon and vinegar.


Step 4.    Ch-ch-changes

The big clean up day is always the easiest part. But the real challenge is changing your habits and keeping your home staying tidy all year-round. Brainstorm long-term storage solutions to tailor to you.
For example, if there’s a better way to store or pack away your kitchenware or Tupperware, have a look at containers or trays from homeware stores.


Step 5.     Finishing Touches

And last but certainly not least, you should reward yourself with an accessory for your home. To welcome the new season, freshen up any space and purify the air with some flowers or a favourite scented candle or diffuser. If you want to create a statement or a burst of freshness, our stylish candles and diffusers are hand-poured and made with the highest quality Australian perfumes. We recommend our deliciously sweet and tropical fragrances are Pink Sugar, Coconut and Lime and Birds of Paradise fragrances.

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