7 Reasons Why Scented Candles Make Great Gifts

Candles don’t just belong on cakes, they also make beautiful gift ideas. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider a Mews candle as your next gift purchase:

  1. First of all, scented candles smell amazing!
    Whether they’re into floral, fruity, fresh or woody fragrances, there’s always something for everyone. Scented candles can also be used for aromatherapy and can be an awesome gift for a friend who craves relaxation, focus and productivity. Our top gift pick: Green Sage & Cedar Scented Candle.
  2. Candles are suitable gift ideas all year round.
    For any sort of occasion, candles can be a staple housewarming gift, a memorable birthday gift, or a low-stress Christmas gift. If you’re looking for a festive fragrance, our pick would be: Maple Cookies & Buttercream Scented Candle.
  3. Candles can be romantic.
    Scented candles can be used to create ambience, set the mood or even to express how well you know a person by remembering their signature fragrance. Treat the person in your life that you love with our romantic gift pick: Iris & Oud Scented Candle.
  4. Candles are a budget-friendly gift idea
    Since candles are considered to be a luxurious gift without having to fork out hundreds of dollars, candles can provide great value and be a huge money-saver if your tight on funds. Our candles are only $49.95 and come with free shipping.
  5. Candles are not gendered.
    Scented candles are not conventionally male or female and come in all different types of aromas to suit anyone. Our best gender neutral fragrance: Ocean Mist Scented Candle.
  6. Candles can be energy-savers.
    Candles – when used with caution – are natural alternatives to artificial lights and are perfect gifts for the pragmatic, energy-conscious friend or the friend who enjoys mood lighting.
  7. Candles can be re-gifted.
    Because they’re not perishable, unwanted candles can be repurposed or re-gifted to a new home or recipient. Our Mews Collective candles come in custom-designed ceramic vessels, so even if you don’t have any wrapping paper lying around, the candles are already bold and full of personality.

Check out our range of scented candles and don’t forget we have matching scented diffusers in our entire range! Get free shipping on all orders over $49.95!