Ceramic Creations

Mews Collective is a fun and inspiring brand with the vision to create long-lasting candles and diffusers.

All Mews Collective products are made from a ceramic so they are capable of withstanding everyday extremities like temperature and general wear-and-tear.

The word “ceramic” comes from the Greek word κεραμικός (keramikos), “of pottery”. It is one of the most ancient industries on the planet! Once humans discovered that clay could be dug up and formed into objects by first mixing with water and then firing, the industry was born. As early as 24,000 BC, animal and human figurines were made from clay and other materials, then fired in kilns.

Mews Collective strives to offer only the highest quality products, sourced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, to produce a collection that is sophisticated, unique and completely Australian made. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!