Fragrance Memories

The notion of ‘time-travelling’ is quite common because of fragrances that we smell. Have you ever wondered why you smell a fragrance and you jump back to a memory of a loved one or a familiar location?

Some common examples include, our beautiful fragrance, ‘Iris & Oud‘. This may resemble the smell of your grandmother’s perfume and you are right there, with her.
Our stunning fragrance of ‘Green Sage & Cedar’ is often a reminder of freshly cut grass. This can bring you back to your childhood, when you were running around outside freely in the summer weather.
Another beautiful fragrance, ‘Seasalt & Amber‘ reminds people of sun, sand and sea. This may bring you back to family holidays and activities you were doing at that time.

So…the question then becomes, ‘why do fragrances evoke memories’?

Our nose is purely a funnel, and the sense of smell is a complex system – parts of which sit right next to where our memories and emotions are stored in the brain.

More than that, unlike our senses of sight, sound and touch, our sense of smell does not pass through the analytical, more highly-developed part of our brain first – it bypasses the frontal cortex and heads straight to the earliest, most primitive part of our brain. You get an emotional, ‘gut reaction’ first, before the smell is processed consciously.

If you’re wanting to create new memories, deliberately choose a scent for a specific occasion. Weddings, housewarmings, starting a new job, having family dinners… these are all events that you can associate with a beautiful fragrance and create a memory for – and our Mews Collective range of candles and diffusers are perfect for such events!

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