How Scent Can Lift Your Home!

When designing for your home we often think about the look and feel of the space but sometimes we neglect our sense of smell. The atmosphere of our home is made up of lighting, colours, textures, and fragrance. 

Smell is the sense that has the strongest link to emotions and feelings. When we smell a certain scent or fragrance it can take us back to another time and bring on nostalgia. Fragrances allow us to create memories and interior designers have now started incorporating scents and fragrances into their designs as they can create an ambience and set the mood for an entire living space or area.

It is important to take some time and consideration when choosing a home fragrance. Think of the room, what the atmosphere should be, what other scents will already exist there. You want the fragrance to balance these but not be lost either. For instance, in your living room, you may want to choose a cosy fragrance. Cosy fragrances such as vanilla and amber, promote relaxation and comfort and can encourage conversation. In your bedroom you might go for a floral fragrance (like Sweet Violet and Suede) whilst in your kitchen you may prefer citrusy scents, as they can neutralise other smells (like Lemon, Lime & Yuzu). Matching your fragrance to what you are trying to achieve will ensure your room has the perfect atmosphere. 

Another consideration for your living room is using fragrances known to ‘wake-up’ the mind. Fragrances like thyme, pine, and sweet marjoram are believed to have the ability to stimulate conversation, which is why they are best placed in living rooms where people are likely to socialise. Another consideration is the season. If it’s winter, woodier scents work better as they create a warm and cosy atmosphere, however, used in summer in the warm air they can be overbearing. Changing your scents to best match the season will elevate your space. 

Lastly, consider your style. If you have light airy pieces choose a light scent to match. If you have a warm cosy room choose a warmer slightly heavier scent. 

At Mews Collective, we love to design our products to not only smell amazing but to look great too and add to the aesthetic of your home. Whilst our candles have a stronger scent and can add a sense of relaxation, our diffusers are a little more subtle but last a long time and don’t need to be worried about. 

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