Introducing our NEW Diffuser Refills

All good things come to an end. Finishing up your last tube of lipstick, saying goodbye to your favourite pair of shoes, or replacing your diffuser that’s running out. Lucky for us, our ceramic diffusers are not only beautiful but are also reusable!

After hearing your requests to top up your diffusers, we have finally launched our economical and environmentally-friendly scented refills! Just wash the ceramic vessel with warm, soapy water, allow to dry and then pop the new refill in. As the refill also comes with a new set of diffuser reeds – you can mix and match the fragrances with no problem at all.

Whether you want to enjoy your favourite fragrance again and again, or are looking to try something new, our refills are now available in 6 of our most popular fragrances:

  1. Pink Sugar
    For something deliciously sweet and bubbly, our Pink Sugar fragrance is like a fruity drink in a diffuser bottle, with zesty top notes of lemonade, citrus and cherry followed by rose and jasmine. 
  2. Seasalt & Amber
    If you’re after something light, Seasalt & Amber is a refreshingly sweet and sophisticated scent from the Fresh Fragrance Family, with top notes of mandarin and lemon released first, followed by everlasting heart notes of seasalt, geranium and fresh air. 
  3. Iris & Oud
    Iris & Oud is like smelling a fresh bouquet of flowers packed with heart notes of rose, iris, water-hyacinth, cyclamen and jasmine followed by base notes of marine, cedar, oud, sandalwood and ambrette to permeate the space. 
  4. Green Sage & Cedar
    For a hit of something tropical and fresh, Green Sage & Cedar releases top notes of lemon, bergamot and Amyris, followed by everlasting heart notes of green sage and lily.

  5. Camellia & White Lotus
    Light and smooth, our Camellia & White Lotus fragrance combines classic and floral scents to deliver top notes of bergamot and lime, as well as heart notes of jasmine, camellia and white lotus. 
  6. Birds of Paradise
    For bursts of refreshingly green and floral fragrances that’s powerful enough to fill the room, our Birds of Paradise releases top notes of cherry, blueberry and pink freesia first with everlasting notes of ylang-ylang, neroli, cyclamen and magnolia.

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