The Best Aromas to Help You Sleep

After a busy week of work, sleep is something we generally look forward to each day. For some of us, it can be a struggle to get that hallowed eight hours without obstacles like stress, fatigue, and insomnia getting in the way. There are a few ways to change our habits, from adjusting our sleep schedule to reducing our screen time before bed, but have you ever considered aromatherapy to enhance your sleep?

Throughout history, humans have used aromatherapy to improve their mood and promote deeper sleep with the help of scents gifted to us from Mother Nature. If you’re interested in finding your own remedy, we have a list of fragrances proven to help you catch some Z’s.

1. Vanilla

Much like the ice cream flavour, vanilla is rich in taste and smell. According to mood mapping studies, vanilla increases relaxation and happiness. The smoothness and insatiable spice of the vanilla bean can create a positive effect on mood, act as an antidepressant, and has the power to create the ideal sleeping environment.

Mews Recommendation: Aged Oak & Maple – a warm, woody and incense-inspired fragrance which pairs vanilla and touches of honeysuckle.

2. Sandalwood

If allergies are keeping you up at night, sandalwood is designed to aid with sleep disturbances. The sandalwood root produces a soft, warm and smooth scent and has been used all across Asia, typically for burning incense. The effects involve increasing theta waves which can signify deep sleep, improve brain activity, and provide drowsiness for those suffering from the cold or flu.

Mews Recommendation: Camellia & White Lotus – for a light and floral fragrance, find base notes of sandalwood combined with amber, tonka bean, creamy vanilla and musk.

3. Lemon

This citrus bombshell is more than just a fruit. Lemon works wonders for insomnia and provides the best kind of support for menopausal women. Some of its superpowers also include reducing anxiety and stress levels, lowering blood pressure and calming allergies.

Mews Recommendation: Lemon, Lime & Yuzu – combining members of the citrus family, this fruity fragrance invites notes of blood orange, mandarin and lemon.

4. Bergamot

Found in many popular fragrances, bergamot is a citrus-like fragrance famed for reducing psychological stress. With its slightly spicy-floral quality, bergamot promotes better sleep by lowering blood pressure, slowing the heart rate, and reducing cortisol levels. 

Mews Recommendation: Smoked Oud & Bergamot – a warm, smoky and woody fragrance filled with bergamot, orange, lavender and patchouli.

5. Lavender

Commonly used in air fresheners and skincare products, lavender is also one of the most well-researched remedies for sleep. Used to treat insomnia, this sweet-smelling herb can ease restlessness and agitation, treat insomnia, decreases heart rate, and lowers blood pressure which allows the body to relax for a deeper and longer sleep.

Mews Recommendation: Sugar Plums & Red Berries – a festive fragrance which features heart notes of lavender, red roses and nutmeg.

6. Chamomile

Often infused in teas, chamomile is a delicate daisy-like herb with plenty of health benefits hidden in its petals. When it comes to sleep, chamomile is used to improve daily functioning and acts as a calming agent to promote sleep, ward off insomnia, and reduce the overall feeling of fatigue. 

Mews Recommendation: Sweet Violet & Suede – a smooth, sultry and unapologetically feminine fragrance.

7. Ylang Ylang

This pretty little flower is the ultimate fighter for treating sleepless nights according to Thai scientists. As the most adulterated oil in perfumery, ylang-ylang has long-lasting effects and is also known to improve sleep quality, relaxes the body, fights depression and eases hypertension.

Mews Recommendation: Birds of Paradise – this bold fragrance has bursts of everlasting heart notes of ylang-ylang, neroli, cyclamen and magnolia.

8. Rose

Roses are more than just a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day, they can also be the most powerful sleep aid. Rose oil is usually used to help with depression, grief, nervous stress and tension, ease pain and a calming agent for sleep.

Mews Recommendation: Iris & Oud – a sophisticated, sweet and floral fragrance which features heart notes of rose, iris, water-hyacinth, cyclamen and jasmine.

9. Jasmine

Found in tropical and warm temperate regions, Jasmine’s chemical makeup is commonly prescribed as a sleep aid. This white flower is often used to soothe anxiety and acts as a valium substitute by lowering your heart rate, providing sedative effects on mood and nerve activity and encouraging sleep.

Mews Recommendation: Pink & Sugar– a deliciously sweet, bubbly fragrance that will continuously fill the room with rose and jasmine.